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Police Misconduct

The Law Office of Ronald L. Kuby vigorously represents clients in federal civil rights actions, with significant experience in handling cases involving false arrests, malicious prosecutions, illegal searches and seizures, and other police misconduct.

We are one of the leading police brutality firms in the United States. We have successfully litigated and/or settled hundreds of police misconduct cases, winning millions of dollars for clients and their family members who have been abused by police officers or other law enforcement officials. Some of the cases we have litigated have led to landmark decisions in federal courts. 

OWS Demonstrators Occupy the Federal Courts
The firm is representing several Occupy Wall Street protestors who were victims of police brutality and false arrests.

  • The firm represents a young couple arrested as part of an indiscriminate mass arrest at a Citibank branch after OWS demonstrators, and Citibank account holders, went to the bank to protest and close their accounts. The criminal charges were dismissed; and they were the first to “occupy” the federal courts when Kuby and Spiess filed a lawsuit on their behalf, alleging violations of their constitutional rights, including false arrest and excessive force.  For more details click here.
  • The firm represents a protestor who was sucker-punched by NYPD Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona. See New York 1’s coverage of the story. Click here for more news coverage.
  • The firm represents an OWS demonstrator who was pepper-sprayed by NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna.  Kuby urged the District Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges against Bologna, who was eventually disciplined with the loss of vacation days and transfer to Staten Island.  Read more in these articles: The Daily News and The New York Post.

Million Dollars for Motorcycle Club
The firm represented members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in three different lawsuits against the City of New York, collecting a total of almost one million dollars for members of the club. The complaints alleged constitutional violations including the warrantless searches of the Hells Angels clubhouse conducted by New York City police officers on three separate occasions. Read our press release; the Associated Press article; and the New York Times article.

$40,000 Settlement has a Turnstile-Jumper Jumping for Joy
Criminal charges were dismissed and Kuby secured a $40,000 settlement for a high school student falsely arrested for jumping a turnstile, after Kuby obtained exonerating evidence that showed that the boy had used his metro card. Read more here.


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Ron Kuby represented the Hells Angels in a successful civil rights suit.
Ron Kuby with members of the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club.











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