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The firm represented Imam Ahmad Afzali, charged with lying to federal authorities in connection with the New York City subway bombing plot.  The firm negotiated a guilty plea that resulted in deportation without jail time. For more details, read this July 5, 2010 New York Times article and this December 13, 2009 New York Times article.

The firm filed a post-conviction motion for a homeless man convicted of felony-murder for lighting a candle in an abandoned building where he was residing. The firm obtained a reversal of the murder conviction based upon ineffective assistance of trial counsel.

On the basis of newly discovered evidence, the firm got the murder conviction of Carmine Carini overturned. Carini, who had already served 23 years of a 25 to life sentence, pled guilty to manslaughter, with a sentence of time already served, to avoid the risks, time, and expense of a new trial.  For more, read this New York Post article or this one in the New York Times.

The firm won an acquittal for Tawfiyq Abdul-Aziz, an African-American militant accused of shooting a NYPD Captain, and separately charged with killing a crack dealer. Abdul-Aziz was found not guilty of all charges in two separate trials. Read this Daily News article for more.

Mr. Kuby was counsel for a defendant charged with depraved indifference murder in the accidental shooting of his girlfriend. The defendant was acquitted of all charges except misdemeanor gun possession.

In People v. Wilfred Letlow, Kuby was trial counsel to a defendant charged with murder for stabbing his wife 92 times. The defendant was acquitted of murder, convicted of manslaughter.

In United States v. Felix Rolando Peterson-Coplin, Kuby represented a Canadian national, captured in 1996, accused of hijacking an airliner to Cuba in 1969.  In federal court, Kuby negotiated a plea of guilty resulting in only 24 months incarceration and transfer to Canada.

Kuby secured a verdict of not guilty for a corrections officer charged with assault in connection with an off-duty confrontation with an unruly nightclub patron. 

Kuby was Cheif Counsel to Antonio Fernandez, Grand INCA of the All-Mighty Latin King and Queen Nation. Representing Fernandez in several different cases, Kuby obtained a ruling suppressing evidence on the ground of illegal search in a federal case; and successfully obtained a dismissal of charges in three other cases.

The firm defended New York City artist John Copeland against weapons charges, ultimately obtaining a dismissal of all charges. Read about the case in the New York Post.


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Ron Kuby with criminal defense client John Copeland.

Ron Kuby secures a dismissal of all charges against artist John Copeland after showing the court a book of Mr. Copeland’s work.
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