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Criminal Defense

The New York Law Office of Ronald L. Kuby aggressively represents clients, in both federal and state courts, in a broad array of criminal defense matters, ranging from misdemeanors to crimes of violence, including murder, manslaughter, mass-sexual abuse, felony assault, and robbery charges; to white collar crimes, such as money laundering and RICO allegations; to criminal conspiracies, narcotics, weapons, and frauds; and international terrorism charges. 

The firm is experienced in every phase of the criminal defense process. We are practiced trial and appellate lawyers, and have litigated numerous state post-trial motions (under C.P.L. Sections 330 and 440) and federal habeas corpus cases. We also represent clients who have been subpoenaed or are under investigation by law enforcement. We frequently attempt to resolve cases before they are indicted, limiting our clients’ exposure to criminal penalties.

The Law Office of Ronald L. Kuby has successfully defended hundreds of clients facing serious criminal charges. Read about our notable outcomes in criminal defense.

Representative cases include:  Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, accused of bombing the World Trade Center; Colin Ferguson, the Long Island Railroad gunman; accused airplane hijackers; Malcolm X’s daughter, charged with conspiracy to murder Minister Louis Farrakahn; Imam Ahmad Afzali, accused of warning Najibullah Zazi in connection with the 2009 New York City subway bombing plot; Jesse Friedman, whose story is featured in the acclaimed film Capturing the Friedmans; Billy LeRoy, of the iconic Billy’s Antiques and Props, from whom the NYPD seized over 100 subway signs; Occupy Wall Street protestors; and dozens of conscientious objectors, from all four branches of the military, charged with desertion for refusal to fight.


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Ron Kuby, Alan Dershowitz and Gigi Jordan criminal defense case.

Ronald L. Kuby and Alan Dershowitz arguing on behalf of their client, Gigi Jordan. Ms. Jordan, Manhattan socialite and former pharmaceuticals executive, is charged with the murder of her 8-year-old son.
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