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Law Review Articles

Kuby and Kunstler, So Crazy He Thinks He's Sane: The Colin Ferguson Trial and the Competency Standard, 5 Cornell J. of Law and Pub. Pol. 1 (Fall 1995).

Kuby and Kunstler, Silencing the Oppressed:  No Freedom of Speech for Those Behind the Walls, 26 Creighton L.Rev. 4 (June 1993).

Kuby and Kunstler, Enduring the Storm: Conscientious Objectors in the Persian Gulf War,66 St. John's L.Rev. 3 (Fall  1992).


Kuby, Afterwords, in My Life As a Radical Lawyer (Autobiography of William M. Kunstler), Citadel Press (1996).

Kunstler and Kuby, Foreward, in The Disenchanted Island:  Puerto Rico and the United States in the Twentieth Century, Praeger Publishers (1992).


Kuby and Dershowitz, Equality of injustice on bail, Daily News, August 20, 2011.

Kuby, A System for Courts to Redress Wrongs, New York Times, April 23, 2011. 

Kuby, 'No Knock' Warrants,New York Times, June 14, 2003.

Kuby, CITY POWER / The State Owes These Men 14 Years of Innocence, Newsday, June 26, 2002. 

Kuby, CITY POWER/ Ashcroft Should Slow Down His Rush to Change Our Laws, Newsday, October 3, 2001. 

Kuby, CITY LIFE / The Feds Copped Out in Diallo Case,Newsday, February 7, 2001. 

Kuby, Protection from the Police, The Black Star News, September 1997.

Kuby, The Fires To Come, Brooklyn Law Digest, February 1997.

Kuby, Does Jury Nullification Subvert Rule of Law, New York Law Journal, June 25, 1997.

Kuby, The Fires This Time, Daily News, December 30, 1996.

Kuby, Manipulation of FBI Evidence Threatens Us All, Newsday, November 16, 1995.

Kuby, His Life as A Radical Lawyer, Daily News, September 1995.

Kunstler and Kuby, Oklahoma City Bombing, Daily News, April 28, 1995.

Kuby and Kunstler, Colin Case Can Make the Law Sane, Daily News, March 7, 1995.

Kuby and Kunstler, Everyone’s A Critic, New York Times, June 15, 1994.

Kuby, Being Your Own Lawyer (for a while) in Summons Court, Shadow, April/May 1991.

Kuby and Kunstler, How to Conscientiously Object to the Gulf War, The Los Angeles Daily Journal, January 15, 1991.

Kuby and Kunstler, Licensing Truth, New York Amsterdam News, July 28, 1990.

Kuby and Kunstler, Distinction Without a Difference, Los Angeles Times, May 17, 1990.

Kuby and Kunstler, Taste of White Justice in New York, New York Amsterdam News, June 27, 1987

Kuby and Kunstler, The Sikh Error Plot, Penthouse, July 1986.


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